Overture logo with barnacles




Est. 2009

Overture was established by this guy, a 2007 graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and life long resident of the sea. 

A passion for surfing paired with a BFA in Industrial design compelled him to create the first commercially available bamboo wax comb.




Overture is on a different trajectory toward becoming a surf company. We recognize that surfing has no boundaries. Its influence extends well beyond the waters edge and into our lives in ways none imagined it would.

When did we last satisfy our longing for the strange , the old, the authentic or sincere? 

  • Our mission is to create items that reflect upon the nature of the sport and reaffirm our commitment to the sea.

  • Expect unique products and accessories for unique issues, with a focus on material functionality and fun.

Overture is taking it back so we can bring it back. This is our Overture.


© 2009 Overture